Lemon Print Dresses

Wearing matching lemon print dresses was something we wanted to do in the Summer… but time got away on us, so when these dresses finally arrived we decided, what the heck, let’s just wear them now! Even if it was snowing outside just this week.


Brooke-Lyn is wearing one of the women’s sized lemon print dresses from PopReal (find it here), along with her ivory open knit cardigan (sold out, similar here) and completed with some imitation Rockstud flats in white.

Everley wears one of the toddler-sized lemon print dresses (hers found here), with her children’s imitation Rockstud flats and her matching Old Navy cardigan (also available in lots of colors).

This was our first time working with PopReal and although the first order that arrived was wrong, they quickly remedied the problem and sent the correct items out as soon as possible with the deepest apologies. I’m not sure if this is a common occurrence, but honesty is the policy with the blog, so I wanted to make sure you knew how my experience went. I cannot fault the service, it was just unfortunate that there was a shipping error (which can happen anywhere, I’ve had this happen with stores like ASOS as well) and understand it’s rare.

NOTE: The quality is varying. I found these dresses felt quite thin and although they are lined, they aren’t made extremely well, I trimmed a few threads and you can feel the material feels cheap (which the dresses are very affordable so this was what I expected). I did receive other items from PopReal that were MUCH better quality (you will see those soon on the blog). For example, the shoes Everley is wearing are also from PopReal, and are wonderful! Just wanted to be upfront and honest about these products, as I don’t want anyone to be misled.

A special thank you to PopReal for sending us these Lemon Print Dresses and Everley’s Studded Flats.

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