My name is Brooke-Lyn Edmonds, affectionately known as “Brookie” and my daughters name is Everley or “Evie”. Let me start by telling you a little bit about us… Everley & Me is a dedicated style blog providing curated content from affordable stores across the USA, showcasing products to inspire matching outfits with your little one. This is your one-stop destination for all things mommy-and-me, mother-daughter, a place to simplify the match-making process and make coordinating outfits with your mini-me a breeze.

We hope to encourage others to live #thecoordinatedlife


We LOVE to match! Fashion has always been a passion of mine, so when I had Everley it was a natural progression to start dressing her up, and before I knew what had happened, I was already coordinating our outfits whenever we would go out. This grew into a bit of an obsession, and while shopping for Everley I found myself subconsciously selecting items for her that matched something I already owned. My husband and I talk a lot about this, and he’s very much into it himself (whether it’s to keep me happy, or he truly loves doing it as well, we’ll never know). He will even make sure when he picks an outfit for Evie to wear that it compliments what he or I are wearing. Good man! So, we came up with the tag-line…


We have a precise aim to inspire others with affordable ways of matching their little one, without having to wear a stock-standard matchy-matchy outfit. Many of the things featured on the blog are everyday items from stores that don’t actually run matching mommy and me sizes, they are things we’ve searched for and found to compliment each other well. So our hope is that you can too!


You can expect to find A LOT of inspiration. We have designed the blog to be a super easy way of shopping the outfits we wear in one simple click. Even before you open the blog post on our homepage, you can shop the look, a feature we are very proud of. We shop only at affordable stores like Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, GAP, SheIn and a few others as we search for the perfect outfits.

We love reading comments from our readers, so if you have something to share, say or just want to get in touch, please, please, please, comment on our posts or send us an email or Instagram DM. We try to answer every correspondence and would love to chat! You can email us here. If you’d like to know some Fun Facts about us, feel free to click away and read on… We also share some special behind the scene “getting-to-know-us” content in our Newsletters, you’ll be on track to getting to know us in no time!


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